Article character / condition

Item classification

The item classification will be as followed below. The classification will be shown in description or item number or additional as attribute in the selction field of the item. Signs in clip like (FHG, RKT,...) are only posting reference for us.

OVP (in original box ): 

Item new in original box from manufacturer, box may be opend only for controlling.
Advise: Please notice that the foam material which is often used for fixing models becoms old. In this case it can cause damage at varnish.

N (new):
Item new, maybe taken out of bigger package (e.g. Hansa 5 or 10 similar in one package.
SH OVP (used in box):
Item second hand, used but good condition in original box. Small damages like bend parts or at varnish or because of dust and smoke. Original box may be inscribed.
SH (Second Hand):
Item second hand, used but good condition. Small damages like bend parts or at varnish or because of dust and smoke.
Item with missing parts or great damages at varnish. Item for restoring!
Item second hand. It is changed at parts or colours.
Most ships are made in small editions and manual work. So maybe some parts are a little bend or not quite straight. That is normally no defect which is a reasonable cause for giving back or withdrawal.
Some manufacturers like Mercator and Navis delivered models without assembled masts. Masts have been content of delivery. This was an oppurtinity for good  craftsman to change and improve. One of the reasons why ships have different looks now.
Billed weight is composed of item + (additional) wrapping. Manufactures sometimes change material of alloy and/or wrapping. The additional wrapping can cause 5 gram (e.g. submarine) upt to 50 gram (battleship) or more. 
Pictures show normally a sample picture of the item to sell. Items can appear different because of technical reasons.
The manufactures often changed colors by new editions.  Not all color variations can be showed.
When we use manufactures pictures (e.g. Albatros, Argos, Hydra, Mountford, Navis-Neptun, Rhenania, Risawoleska, Tri-ang, Wiedling, Mikes Modelle), we got their consent for it. You are not allowed to use pictures of our page without our written consent.

Identification of toy
These items are (historical) collectibles and no toy. They may contain small parts are not suitable for children under 14 years.